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 10pcs Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds Reed Bb 2.5 Strength 2 1/2Usage: Use water or alcohol to wash the mouthpiece surface and make it dry,  To compare the poistion what mothpiece need to posted. Be careful peeld off the backing paper. (Do not touch the adhesive side) Posted it on the mothpiece a..
125 SEK
10pcs XZ-AS09 Arundo Donax Reeds for Alto Saxophone, let you play a wonderful music with your Alto Saxophone.. It is easy to install and add little weight to your Alto Saxophone. What is more, made of high quality material, it is durable to use for a long time. Do not wait! Order them and enjoy the ..
88 SEK
17pcs Synthetic Material 17 Keys Clarinet Keys Cushions White Description: Weight: 0.21oz / 6g Color: White Material: Synthetic Material Package Dimensions: (3.93 x 1.96 x 0.39)" / (10 x 5 x 1)cmFeatures: High-quality material, not easy be worn Small size and light weight, easy to install and use Br..
100 SEK
5pcs Practical Rubber clarinet Finger Cushions Black Description: Material: Rubber Dimension: (0.78 x 0.78 x 0.39)" / (2 x 2 x 1)cm (L x W x H) Color: Black Weight:0.67oz / 19gFeatures: High-quality rubber, soft and durable in use Effectively reduce fatigue and pressure Increase stability to ensure ..
96 SEK
8 Holes Descant Soprano Recorder QM8A-2G For Beginner Description: Name: Treble Clarinet Brand: Qimei Model: QM8A-2G Material: ABS Size: 32.5*3.2cm Weight: 81.2g Key of CPackage included: 1 x Treble Clarinet..
119 SEK
 8-hole Descant Soprano Recorder Beginners School Children MusicDescription:Comes with cleaning rod included Includes a storage case Perfect for beginners Key of G Can be used by adults & children School music recorder Easy to clean with lukewarm water German fingering Soprano length: 32cm/12...
186 SEK
Do you want to keep your beloved Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet in a good condition? Then you can not miss our high quality Soprano Saxophone / Clarinet Mouthpiece Patches Pads Cushions. Our professional mouthpiece patches pads cushions will effectively reduce the vibration between teeth and lips and..
87 SEK
Adjustable Alto Teno Soprano Baritone Saxophone Sax Neck Strap Hook Harness Belt Description: 1.Material:Nylon+Leather 2.Length:43cm (adjustable) 3.Color:BlackFeatures: 1.A simple and durable sax neck strap won't do harm to your Saxophone. 2.Filled with foam inside the strap,ventilate and sweat abso..
98 SEK
AROMA AMT-550C 3 In 1 Metronome Tone Generato Tuner Description: Tuning keys: C, F, Bb, Eb Pitch range: 430-450Hz Tuning tolerance: +-0.5 cent Metronome Tempo range: 30-260bpm Beat: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Power: AAA battery, 2 pieces Dimension: 91*75*19mm Weight: 94gEnglish ManualPackage Includes: 1 x ..
232 SEK
AROMA AMT-580 3 In 1 Metronome Tone Generato Tuner Description: Tuner, metronome and tone generator work in the same time Sound out function Pitch/volume adjustable tempo range: 30-260 bpm Tuner input by mic or piezo pickup Tap to input metronome tempo Backlit LCD display,backlight brightness adjust..
247 SEK
Black Adjustable Tenor Baritone Sax Harness Double Shoulder Strap Description: Material:  Nylon,Plastic Color: Black Maximum Length: Approx 97CM/ 38'' Strap Width: Approx 2.2CM/ 0.86''Features: Adjustable, Easy to put on and take off. Harness type straps spread the load out on to the shoulders rathe..
109 SEK
Black Mouthpiece Nickel Metal Ligature With Plastic Cap For Bb Clarinet Descriotion: Band new and high quality. Name: Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Nickel Ligature with Cap This cup is suitable for many types of clarinet. Protect your mouthpiece from being influenced by the instrument. Elegant and practica..
104 SEK
 Chinese Musical Instrument G Key Bamboo Flute With Soft Pouch For BeginnerDescription:Name: Bamboo Flute Length: About 50-55cm Features: Removable Material: Nigatake Model: D-13 Key of G Suitable for all beginner.Flute routine maintenance:1) To avoid hot, dry: Dixiao fragile by hot, dry D..
196 SEK
Colorful Clarinet Cotton Brush with Cleaning Head Description: Item Weight:17g Package Weight: 25g Diameter: 27*2*1.8cm Material: fine fiber, water imbibition is strong, clean and convenient, suitable for clarinet.Package Includes: 1x Colorful Cotton Brush..
114 SEK
Cotton Flute Clarinet Brush with Cleaning Head White Description: Weight: 0.84oz / 24g Hair Color: White Handle Color: Black Material:Cotton Dimensions: (14.17 x 0.78)" / (36 x 2)cm (L x W)Features: Compact size and portable, easy to carry and use Adopting premium quality cotton, it delivers excelle..
111 SEK
Detachable Portable Foldable for Western Concert Flute Clarinet Description: Stand Weight: 93g Package Weight: 149g Stand Size: 17*6.5cm Color: BlackFeatures: Compact design, convenient to carry The detachable leg base screws into the peg Bell style with lint protection surface Unique design, compac..
151 SEK
Five Pieces LADE Professional Musical Wind Instrument Cleaning Cloth Red Here comes a practical accessory to help you deal with the saliva or dirt hidden and left in your wind instrument! Adopting premium quality pure cotton,our Professional Musical Wind Instrument Pure Cotton Cleaning Cloth delive..
121 SEK
Flute Stand/Tripod Holder with 4 Legs Detachable Portable DesignDescription: Height: 5.51cm Color: Black Material: Plastic Holder size(legs screw into peg): 14 * 2 * 2 / 5.5 * 0.8 * 0.8in Holder weight: 71g / 2.5oz Package size: 15 * 4 * 4 cm / 5.9 * 1.6 * 1.6in Package weight: 82g / 2.9ozFeatures: ..
140 SEK
LADE 4 IN 1 Kit-proof Set of Cleaning Kit For Grand Piano AccessoriesDescription: This cleaning kit is designed for Grand Piano to keep it clean and new. He has a piece of pink keyboard cover, 3 pedal covers, a red piece of cleaning cloth and 3 black piano casters. Features:  This item in..
156 SEK
LADE 4 IN 1 Piano Kit-proof Set of Cleaning Kit Piano AccessoriesDescription: This cleaning kit is designed for Piano to keep it clean and new. He has a piece of red keyboard cover, 3 Pedal Covers, A piece of cleaning cloth and 4 piano launches. Features:  This item includes keyboard cove..
163 SEK
LADE 5-in-1 Flute Clarinet Sax Accessories Kit Instrument Accessories Description:Made of high-quality plastic.Comes with a plastic cap to keep it clean and a metal buckle to fasten reed.Supplied with a bamboo reed and reed case to match your need better.The cleaning brush can keep mou..
126 SEK
LADE 5-in-1 Saxphone Cleaning Accessories Sax Accessories Cleaning Kit  Features: 1.10 Reeds in 1 set, 2.5 in force, come out with a good sound.2.Dumb aluminum allows you to practice without disturbing others.3.2 nozzle patch protect the nozzle and players teeth.4.Cleaning cloth ..
182 SEK
LADE ABS Pipe Golden C Tone Piccolo with Cloth CaseDescription: Item name: ABS Piccolo  Brand: LADE Color: Golden + Black Material: Cupronickel           Tonality: C Tone Dimensions: 32.5*16.5*18cm Weight: about 490g Feature:  New piccolo with silver plated head-Joint, keys and body.Undercu..
1,024 SEK
LADE ABS Pipe Silver C Tone Piccolo with Cloth CaseDescription: Item name: ABS Piccolo  Brand: LADE Color: Silver + Black Material: Cupronickel           Tonality: C Tone Dimensions: 32.5*16.5*18cm Weight: about 490g Feature:  New piccolo with silver plated head-Joint, keys and body.Undercu..
1,024 SEK
LADE Alto Eb Golden Saxophone Sax Paint Gold With Case & Accessories Description: Name: Saxophone Brand: LADE Material: Paint Gold Weight: 3.83kg Color: Golden Box size: 61x26x14cm Length: 58cmFeatures: 1. It is easy to play and it has a pleasing vibrant feel with a well-centered sound 2. Best saxop..
3,384 SEK
LADE Bb Copper Golden Trumpet Brass Band With Glove Brush Clean Cloth Descriptions: Brand: LADE Material: Brass+Golden(double color) Bell Diameter: 125mmInner Tube Diameter: 11.65mm Product Size: 53cm*24cm*14cm Tone: BbFeatures:  1. Tone is strong, sharp, highly brilliant feeling2. Sound is r..
2,127 SEK
LADE Bb Silver Trumpet Brass Band With Gloves Brush Clean ClothDescriptions:Brand: LADEMaterial: SilverBell Diameter: 125mmInner Tube Diameter: 11.65mm Product Size: 53cm*24cm*14cm Tone: BbFeatures:  1. Tone is strong, sharp, highly brilliant feeling2. Sound is ringing, clear, sharp, highly p..
1,970 SEK
LADE Children U Flute 16 Holes C Tone Obturator Bending Flute Sliver Flute is one of the most important modern orchestral and chamber music high-pitched melody instrument, appearance is a open several sound hole long cylindrical tube, fiber.This kind of flute is awesome, playing relaxed and responsi..
1,397 SEK
LADE Gold Trumpet Bb b Flat Brass Trumpet With Case & Accessories Descriptions: Material: BrassBellmouth Diameter:125 mmInterface Diameter: 11.65mmPackage size: 53 * 24 * 14cm Package weight: 1220g / 2.68Lb Features: 1.Made of high-quality brass, B flat.2.Durable and e..
1,717 SEK
LADE Mini Portable Pocket E Flat ABS Saxophone for Beginners Description: Item name: Saxophone  Brand: LADE  Material: ABSColor: Skyblue, Red, Green, White, PurpleMelody: Descending EHigh Pitch: Medium PitchDimensions: (13.58 x 1.3)" / (34.5 x 3.3)cm (L x Diameter)Feature:  ..
641 SEK
LADE Nickel Plating ABS 17 Key B♭ Binocular Clarinet BlueDescription: Name: Binocular Clarinet Brand: LADE Material: ABS Tone: B♭ 17 key Buttons: Nickel Color: Blue Weight: 1480g Packing: foam box Packing size: 35.8*20.5*12cmFeatures: 1) Interface with delicate do manual work tight. 2) This Bakelite..
1,338 SEK
LADE Nickel Plating Bakelite 17 Key B♭ Clarinet Black Description: Name: Clarinet Brand: LADE Material: Bakelite Tone: B♭ 17 key Buttons: Nickel Color: Black Weight: 1440g Packing: foam box canvas Packing size: 35.8*20.5*12cmFeatures: 1) Interface with delicate do manual work tight. 2) This Bakelite..
1,263 SEK
LADE Saxophone Bb Soprano Saxophone Paint Gold With Case & Accessories Descriptions: Material: BrassPackage size: 61* 19.5 * 2.5 cm Package weight: 1220g / 2.68Lb Features: Made of high-quality brass, B flat.Tube hand-carved.Pearl white shell key piece waterproof gas..
3,081 SEK
LADE Silver Plated C Piccolo Flute With Case Item Description: This is a Brand New great looking and sounding piccolo. This well crafted hand made instrument, and made of Cupronickel body, Silver plated body and keys. With decades of experience behind the manufacture of this fine instrument, you can..
1,066 SEK
LADE Trumpet Soft Case Gig Bag Description: 1. Made out of durable lightweight high quality material 2. Double zippers design, convenient to use 3. Can be used as a stand-alone case or be placed in another bag to carry 4. Soft internal fabric to protect your Trumpet from scratch 5. The Trumpet Bag i..
247 SEK
Lightweight Trumpet Aluminum Mute Straight Practice Mute Description: Weight:42g Height:105mm Diameter of larger end:19mm Diameter of small end:62mm Item's color might be different from the picture because of the aberration. This professional mute narrows the distinctive High-quality tone of the Tru..
111 SEK
Mini Saxophone Pocket Sax Instrument C Tune Xaphoon Black With BagDescription: Item name: Xaphoon Material: BakeliteColor: Black Feature:  It is easy to play and has a pleasing vibrant feel with well-centered soundMade of solid ABS and can be used for a long timeThe mini sa..
657 SEK
Description: Delicate soprano recorder with 8-hole German fingering Comes with a cleaning rod. Very nice recorder for the musician and student in your family Includes case, cleaning rod & fingering chartFeatures&details: Material: ABS resin Soprano length: 32.5cm/12.79 inch Cleaning rod: 27.5cm/10.8..
108 SEK
Musedo MT-31W 3 in 1 Digital LCD Automatic Sax Clarinet Trumpet Tuba Chromatic Metro-Tuner Metronome Tone Generate Tuner, metronome, tone generator 3 in 1. LED indicator making the tuner easy to use in dark situation.It can be used to tune the pitches, practice the beats. It is not only a music inst..
261 SEK
Natural Bamboo Gourd Cucurbit Flute C Tone With Case Ethnic InstrumentDescrpition:Brand Name:Bamboo Flute Tone:CKey Material: holesBody Material: BambooSurface Material: BambooFeatures: -The product is made of natural gourd and bamboo,with a imitation mouthpiece -A laser carved cr..
263 SEK
New Adjustable Tenor Baritone Sax Saxophone Harness Shoulder Strap Description: Material: Nylon   Hook Material: Plastic Color: Black   Size: One size fits all - fully adjustable Use: Saxophone Alto/ Tenor/ BaritoneFeature: 1)Brand new and high quality. 2)Black strap for universal saxophone. 3)Adjus..
111 SEK
Are you a flute enthusiast? Do you want to have a private flute for daily practice? How can you miss this Cupronickel C 16 Closed Holes Concert Band Flute we highly recommend? It is made of high quality cupronickel material, with beautiful appearance and firm structure. It features C tone and 16 clo..
1,263 SEK
This is a new sliver plated C band flute. It is specially designed for the flute enthusiast because of its exquisite workmanship. It has beautiful, elegant, melodious appearance. It features 16 closed holes and C Key model. It is popular by teachers and musicians. It is made of high quality material..
1,323 SEK
One pair 5A Nylon Material Five Color Drumsticks Good drum sticks are great tools to help the drummers to beat beautiful drum sound. This pair of drumsticks made of nylon may be a wise choice for beginner and professional drummer.Description: Item name: Drumsticks Material:  Nylon Length: 15.55" / 3..
108 SEK
Portable Folding Tripod Clarinet Stand Detachable Foldable Top Description: Stand Weight: 105g Package Weight: 142g Stand Size: 11*6.7cm Color: BlackFeatures: Compact design, convenient to carry The detachable leg base screws into the peg Bell style with lint protection surface Unique design, compac..
151 SEK
Clarinet Circular Soldering Iron Stand SN-002 Black Description: Weight: 0.52cm - 15cm Color: Black Material    Polyester Dimensions: (13.58 x 0.19 x 0.19)" / (34.5 x 0.5 x 0.5) (L x W x D)Features: New and never used High-quality material, durable and practical in use Professional design, effective..
80 SEK
Practical Portable Lightweight ABS Trumpet Mute Four ColorDescription: Item name: Trumpet Mute Material: ABSLength: 5.32" / 13.5cmDiameter of Small End: 0.98" / 2.5cmDiameter of Larger End: 2.76" / 7cmWeight: about 50gColor: Wood, Golden, Sliver, BlackFeature:   New and h..
121 SEK
Riyin Clarinet Reed Trimmers Black Description: Materail: metal, plastic Size: 2.95" x 1.73" Color: BlackFeatures: New and high quality Clarinet reed trimmer Sharp blade for a clean cut Stable stage to ensure symmetry Unique design, compact and simple, easy to carry.Package Includes: 1 x Clarinet re..
109 SEK
Saxophone Clarinet Flute Musical Instruments Parts Cork Cream Description: Item Weight:10g Package Weight: 22g Diameter: 7*1.5cm Usage: for saxophone clarinet flute musical intruments,have a good water resistancePackage Includes: 1x Cork Cream..
79 SEK
 Simple Type Small Saxophone Mini Pocket Saxophone Musical InstrumentDescription:Name: Little Sax Model Number: A4102 | Key-C Tone: C Body Material: ABS resin Surface Material: ABS resin Head Material: ABS resin Length: 391~406mm Color: black , whiteFeatures:1) LittleSax - Lit..
535 SEK
The best gift choice to send your children! Suzuki SRE-405 is three piece construction, bored and polished for a smoother resonant response. Comes complete with a cleaning rod, fingering chart and fine vinyl bag. Finished in brown. Harmonica Description Brand: SUZUKI Name: 8 holes Recorder Model..
134 SEK
Translucent Soprano Descant Recorder 8-hole With Cleaning Rod Music Instrument Description Features: This soprano recorder has a Baroque fingering system, double boring for the C# and D# tone holes, full 2 octave range, precise response, controlled intonation and unequalled resonance. Material: ABS ..
111 SEK
Trumpet Straight Practice Cup Mute Lightweight Silencer Description: Weight: 25g Color: Black Material: Plastic Size: 13.5 X 6cm ; hole 1.9cmFeatures: Useful when you feel like playing your trumpet in the middle of the night. As a muffler mute device ,with three bar cork, such flavor can be out of t..
173 SEK
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