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10x Velcro Cable Tie / Strap Re-usable Hook & Loop Cable Tidy Wire BlueDescription: hook consubstantiality MAO, viscous force, good bundling, convenient and arbitrary cut length, reusable. Usage: dedicated to the band with a variety of cables, a variety of colors can quickly distinguish different li..
105 SEK
10x Velcro Cable Tie  Re-usable Hook & Loop Cable Tidy Wire GreenDescription: hook consubstantiality MAO, viscous force, good bundling, convenient and arbitrary cut length, reusable. Usage: dedicated to the band with a variety of cables, a variety of colors can quickly distinguish different lines, e..
105 SEK
10x Velcro Cable Tie  Re-usable Hook & Loop Cable Tidy Wire RedDescription: hook consubstantiality MAO, viscous force, good bundling, convenient and arbitrary cut length, reusable. Usage: dedicated to the band with a variety of cables, a variety of colors can quickly distinguish different lines, eas..
105 SEK
10x Velcro Cable Tie  Re-usable Hook & Loop Cable Tidy Wire WhiteDescription: hook consubstantiality MAO, viscous force, good bundling, convenient and arbitrary cut length, reusable. Usage: dedicated to the band with a variety of cables, a variety of colors can quickly distinguish different lines, e..
105 SEK
10x Velcro Cable Tie  Re-usable Hook & Loop Cable Tidy Wire Yellow  Description: hook consubstantiality MAO, viscous force, good bundling, convenient and arbitrary cut length, reusable. Usage: dedicated to the band with a variety of cables, a variety of colors can quickly distinguish different lines..
105 SEK
2PCS Suspended UFO Floated Gyro Close-up Magic Props Description: Mystify your friends as your UFO hovers and floats all around you!Only you will know how it works!This amazing effect sets up less than 15 seconds!Throw it like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float!..
111 SEK
3 Three Card Monte - Easy Classic Magic TrickDescription: A magic easy to play but can keep your spectators amazed, impressed & wondering. The magician shows 3 cards to a spectator, one of which is the odd one out. The cards are face down and the spectators are invited to ‘find that card’. The s..
72 SEK
Bloody Prank Joke Toy Fake Nail through Finger Trick Magic Props Description: Warning: This trick is a bit gruesome! Beware!  Prank magic trick nail through finger that fools most people The nail is bent around your finger but bandage makes it look as if it has gone right through and you are bleedin..
85 SEK
 Card Vanish Illusion Change Sleeve Magic Trick WOW Choose HiddenFeatures: Plastic Card Changing Magic Sleeve. Visual card change effect,even you have no card techniques. Color changing in gradual way. You can finish this trick by a normal poker size playing cards. Amaze everyone w..
101 SEK
 Description:Name:Chinese Magic 4 Linking Rings These linking rings are with a set of four rings which appear to be linked or unlinked Seamless weld design makes them look very perfect These magic linking rings features four metal rings and each metal rings is 3.9 inches diameter They pass th..
185 SEK
Coin Bender Magic Trick Bend Signed Coins MagicianDescription: Borrow a 2p or 1p coin from a spectator & make a mark on it (if necessary)), everything is completely fair Then hold the coin in your finger tips, it visually bends. Hand their initialled coin back to them NOW their coin still is BENT..
132 SEK
 Dynamic Coins Self Working Moving Magic Trick Party Show IllusionDescription: Dynamic Coins Self Working Moving Magic Trick Party Show Illusion. Brand new and high quality. With full instructions and this trick is fully self working. Requires no practice and no sleight o..
196 SEK
Flying Saucer UFO Hand Induced Hovering And Floating Flight With LEDDescription: Light weight ,Easy to fly with simple operation, especially designed for beginner Keep away from faces and eyes. Do not launch at people or animals. Altitude Sensor to hover automatically. USB charging cable for fast ..
214 SEK
Fully Automatic Self Tying Shoelace Street Magic TrickDescription: Don't tied your shoelaces and say to someone that you wanna show them a magic~ Then someone will interrupt you to tell you that your shoe is untied... All you need to do just smile, look at your audience, and then shake your feet,..
105 SEK
Halloween and April Fool's Day Prank Toys Knife Through HeadDescription: Item Name: Knife Through Head Material: Plastic Usage: Funny at  Party Like Halloween Size: 17*9cm Weight: 140gPackage Included:  1 × Knife Through Head..
115 SEK
Invisible Mini Thread Reel Floating Retractor For Magic TricksDescription: The Thread Reel can be perform almost anywhere, at any time! With this magic trick, you can do various effects such as the floating bill effect or card flipping or card balancing and many other fascinating effects. This re..
108 SEK
 Kingmagic Magic Ball To Square Sponges Tricks Set RedDescription:Name:Kingmagic Magic Ball To Square Sponges Tricks Set Red 1.A sponge cube is displayed to the audience. 2.Magician shows left hand to be empty and then closes it into a fist. 3.The cube is placed on top of his fist and pushe..
107 SEK
Description: Magician can make 1 sponge rabbit into 2. Magician can move a sponge rabbit from his hand to audience hand. Size: 4.6 x 3 x 2cm Weight: 0.035kgPackage Included: 2 x Sponge rabbit 1 x English Instruction Manual..
95 SEK
Magic Crystal Box Iron Wall (With Scarves) Magic Trick With ManualDescription: Magic crystal boxResult: A ball slides into a sealed box by magic.Prop: A transparent box, a ball, a rubber band.Performance: 1, When hold the box and close it, keep the hold faces to us. (Not let spectator see it) 2, Tie..
93 SEK
Magic Gimmick Prop Mysterious Finger Smoke Hand Smoke Magic ItemFeature: This differs from the magic toy magic hand smoke wax noted, there is a real smoke, amazing results!    Stunning effect. It can be used in any of the performances.  As long as the magician gently rub the thumb and forefinger tog..
85 SEK
Magic Shrinking Cigarette Diminishing Cigarette Vanishing CigaretteSpecifications: Condition: 100% brand new  Tube length: 7.7cmColor: BlackFeatures:Put a cigarette into the black metal tube and close the tube with a golden lid.When you or a spectator open the tube, the cigarette is eith..
105 SEK
 Magic Thumb Tip Trick Finger Prop + Red Silk Fun Magic PropFeature: 100% Brand new and high quality Thumb Tip(diameter x height): Approx. 2 x 4.7cm   Material:Silicone Flesh-colored imitation thumb tip, made of plastic A silk is pushed into the empty fist. The hand is then op..
98 SEK
Description: Color: As shown in the picture Weight: 100g Each Poker Size: 88 x 63 mmFeatures: Some kings on the car disappear suddenly, when turn over an other card, you will find the kings are drinking beer together happily Secret hides in the four poker cards.Perform your best easily with included..
110 SEK
 Magic Toys-Coins Into The Up Mysterious Magic Tricks ToolHow To Performance: An ordinary glass cups and normal coins.Let the audience randomly  choose a coin, then you  catch a coin in you hand and in this time in the cup only left a coin!You hold the coin in your hand and slowly ..
103 SEK
Description: 4 Chinese Linking Rings Set Magnetic Lock Kids Party Show Stage Magic Trick Features: 1.These 4pcs linking rings are well designed for magic trick. 2.It has gap to link or unlink other rings. 3.Playing with these four connected rings expertly and quickly to make your audience b..
177 SEK
Magic Trick Playing Amazing Cards Prediction Predict FlawlessDescription: How to play this amazing “The Underground” magic~ Firstly, you have to write a prediction in full view of the spectators and either give it to a spectator to hold or fold it and place it on the table,Remember,you will never ..
96 SEK
Magic Trick Prop Coin Appear In The Box Magic Trick With InstructionDescription: Effect: An empty transparent box, magician shake it slowly, a coin appeared, really amazing! Setting: 1, Prepare a proper coin. 2, Open the lid, turn over the transparent box, knock gently when you reverse it, gimm..
105 SEK
Magic Trick Prop Explosion Dice Color Change Size With InstructionDescription: Preparation: 1, Put the small dice into the large dice . 2, Reverse transparent box, put the big dice into the bottom  box in the opposite direction. Performances methods: 1, Open the lid, let the audience see that's..
113 SEK
 Magic Trick Props Magical Spring Stage Magic With InstructionDescription: Magic effect:A metal ring be locked by mental spring, or get free from spring in a second.Basic action: 1, Hold a metal spring by left hand, metal ring by right hand. 2, Hang the ring on any postion..
112 SEK
 Invisible Elastic Thread Coil is available now from our US and UK warehouseMagic Trick Stretch Loops Invisible Elastic Thread CoilDescription: Everybody has sought to this item, when this item has been shocked at that time, as due to his practicality and convenience With this el..
93 SEK
 Magic Trick Vanish Disappearing Vanishing Cards With Case BoxDescripition: Vanishing Case and Quick Changing Cards 100% Brand new and high quality. The Magician shows a card box and waves his hands over the box and it vanished revealing only the cards. And then he waves his hands over or throws..
103 SEK
Magic Tricks Set-Shackle Hitch Iron HoopDescription Type: Magic Material: Metal Color: Silver Usage: For Magic or DecorationPackage Included 1 x Magic Ring + Chain 1 x Instruction Manual..
105 SEK
Magical Sponge Red Changing Rabbit Close Magic Trick PropMagic Performance Description: Magician put 1 sponge rabbit into audience's hand. By applying magic power, audience find 2 sponge rabbits in his hand. Magician then multiply the number of rabbits in audience's hand to 4 rabbits. Finally, magic..
91 SEK
Melting Key Mystery Cut Cutting Close Up Party Street Show Magic TrickDescription:Key to copy A common cutting(tooth) bearing no keys,before performing inspection can be handed over to the audience,then borrowed from the audience in a key,the magician can according to the key of the audience with h..
154 SEK
 Nut Off Bolt Screw Close-Up Magic Trick Micro Psychic RotatingDescription: This is a precision mechanical prop with extremely sturdy mechanics, and will last for years! Magician first demonstrates a bolt and a nut to audiences . Then he randomly choose one of them, and a..
158 SEK
Stiff Rope Kids Party Show Stage Bend Tricky Magic Trick Comedy Description:How to make a magic : This is the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion. The magician displays a piece of rope about 17cm long. Tt is just an ordinary rope when the Rope is coiled over the magician's hand And  then the magi..
149 SEK
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