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 2PCS Children Water Toys Fire Extinguisher Style New Mini Spray Water GunFeature: Funny super soaker water gun With the fire extinguisher style Make your children to be a little fireman Easy to manage it with light weight Never be beaten again at summer water wars Makes th..
123 SEK
2PCS Funny Fake Cigarettes Fags Smoke Effect Lit End Joke Trick ToyItem Description:New 2 Fake Cigarettes Fags Smoke Effect Lit End Joke Prank Novelty Trick Funny Features:    Fake puff cigarette, looks like an real cigarettes.    The fake cigarettes wil puff fake smoke when you blo..
68 SEK
2PCS Halloween Haunted House Scorpion Prop Tricky ToyDescription: Weight:10g(1 PCS) Size:12*11cm Material:Rubber Color:As the pictureFeature: 1.Portable toy with softly material. 2.It looks like a real one that you playing trick on your friends in Halloween. 3.This item can be hung in your bad.Packa..
70 SEK
3Pcs Fake Blood Pill Capsules Horror Funny Joking Halloween Party PropDescrition: Here are 3pcs blood capsules, well designed prank in Halloween. Just place one of blood capsule in your mouth, bitten streams of blood ooze from your mouth when you crunch it. These blood capsules are perfect for creat..
80 SEK
5PCS Centipede Prop Tricky Toy Halloween and April Fool's Day SuppliesDescription: Weight:10g(1 PCS) Size:15cm Material:Rubber Color:As the picture It can be put on the floor in the shower and when someone opened the door. It was good fit for your house during Halloween. Great learning tool for the ..
103 SEK
Appearing Cane Metal Silver Magic Trick Close Up And Pop Out Tool Description: It’s amazing to make a short thing to long bar. Can be used with spring head scarves, shells and so on.Specification: Length:max 1.2m Size: 65x22mm Material:metal While rotating, close up,plug boltFeature: 1. Eject fast, ..
153 SEK
April Fool's Day Kuso Supplies Props Shock Milk Chocolate  Description: Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Item Name: Shock Milk Chocolate Material: Plastic and Other Useage: Kuso, party, etc Features: Regular flame, shock functionPackage Included: 1 x Shock Milk Chocolate..
88 SEK
Product Description:Place of Origin: China (Mainland)Item Name: The Bloody Magic NailMaterial: Plastic and OtherPattern: Color and Style delivery randomlyUseage: Kuso, party, etcPackage Included:1 x The Bloody Magic Nail..
86 SEK
 Product Description:Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Item Name: Shock Hand Grips Material: ABS, Metal and Other Pattern: Color and Style delivery randomly Demensions: 8*5.5*1.5cm Useage: Kuso, party, etc Features: Regular flame, shock functionPackage Included:1 x Shock Hand Grips..
118 SEK
April Fool's Day Novelties Toy Sneezing Powder Trick Toy Throw it into the air or the tissue,then give it to your friend. Do not throw directly into face.Not suitable for the children under 9 years old.Description: Item name:Sneezing Powder Type:Trick Toy Material:Pepper Quantity:5PCSPackage include..
80 SEK
 Big Mouth Crocodile Bite Finger Funny Parent-child Educational ToyDescription: The lovely baby crocodiles can bite your finger.  push the crocodile teeth, authorities in one of the teeth oh, press the wrong crocodile big mouth will lie prone on a closed, to bite your finger down the w..
198 SEK
Bite Hand Finger Tricky Joke Spoof Big Mouth Shark Description: Material: Rubber Size: 21*15.5*13.5cm Color: Blue Weight: 400g Package: Graphic carton   Usage Method: Lift up the brainpan of sharp until it makes the sound as "KACA". Press down the tooth of the shark randomly. The upper jaw of the sh..
260 SEK
Cannot Blow Out Relighting Candles 2 Pack 18 Candle Practical JokeDescription: Burn at least three of the candles together for 60 seconds Grab all candles (so that they are close to each other) and try to blow them all at the same time, they will relight themselves!Note: this product may come in e..
99 SEK
Electric Shock Chewing Gum Shock You Friend Practical JokeDescription: Looks like a delicious standard Wrigley Chewing Gum, ready to draw one out? Zzzzap Gotcha! Yes, it is our brand new shocking chewing gun for prank joke! Necessity to turn you into excellent Tricky Brains Capable of causing quick ..
92 SEK
Electric Shock Gag Car Key Remote Control Trick Joke Prank ToyDescription: Not a real car remote control but it will shock your friends, make them scream and jump with surprise This is electrical joke remote control, will shock user, any person with health problems such as heart problem or relative ..
137 SEK
Electric Shock Pen Gag Prank Trick Joke Funny Toy GiftDescription: Looks like a fancy ball point pen that will give your friends a shocking experience when they try to use it. Offer it to your friends to use and after they push the button at the top of the penthey will get a quick and harmless elect..
109 SEK
Electric Shock Trick Gag Marker Pen Toy Joke Funny GiftDescription: Give unsuspecting friends a quick and mild electric shock when they try to use it     However, do not use this device on children under 14 years old, adults over 50 years old, people with medical conditions, or people with pacema..
135 SEK
Extreme Lightning Reaction Reloaded Electric Shock Party Game Fun GiftFeature: Lightning Reaction Reloaded is a nerve racking game for 2-4 players with shocking consequences for the losers! Choose your level of shock and number of players, pick up a joystick and then press the start button which wil..
471 SEK
 Funny Magic Chips Popcorn Can Flexible Spring Trick Joke Kids ToyDescription Material: PlasticColor: As the picture showSize: 21.5X7.5CM / 8.46*2.95"Snake Length:Approx 130CM / 51" Features It's a funny toy that who play it will get scare.Fool all your frie..
170 SEK
Description: Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Item Name: Shock Milk Chocolate Material: ABS, Metal and Other Pattern: Color and Style delivery randomly Demensions: 12.8*4cm Useage: Kuso, party, etc Features: Regular flame, shock functionPackage Included: 1 x Shock Milk Chocolate..
95 SEK
Product Description:Place of Origin: China (Mainland)Item Name: Tricky Squirt CigaretteMaterial: Plastic and OtherPattern: Color and Style delivery randomlyUseage: Kuso, party, etcFeatures: Regular flame, tricky  functionPackage Included:1 xTricky Squirt Cigarette..
82 SEK
Mini Flash Joking Camera Toy Led KeyRing Camera  Description: The mini camera is a funny joking toy, not a real camera. It do the flash and "click" sound to make people think that they’re photoed. With mini size and cute looking, you can hang it on you key chain or phone as a decoration.  Package in..
99 SEK
New Funny Lucky Stab Pop Up Toy Gadget Pirate Barrel Kids Toy Description: Size: 10 x 7(LxW) cm Material: ABS plastic Color: Red, Blue, Brown(Random) Fun office/home desktop toy Very interesting game for family member Take turns to slide your swords into the barrel But be careful as one wrong move w..
112 SEK
New Funny Shocking Hand Buzzer Shock Toy Joke PrankDescription: Wind up Funny Shocking Toy which vibrates when the button is pressed Wind the Shocking Hand Buzzer and hide it in your palm. When someone shakes your hand they press the button and get a surprise. Ideal when meeting friends A harmless s..
109 SEK
Prank Joke Funny Giggles Nose Laugh Bag Kid Toy Present Gift Specification: Color: orange Szie: 9.5x9cm Material:silk and sound productionFeature: You press its nose and then it will lauch. As a joke gift.Kidding your friends.Detail: Outside is silk.Inner is sound production. Unlace the rope and you..
110 SEK
Snake Tricky Toy Children Funny Toy Fool's Day GiftsDescription: Weight:100g Size:68cm Materical:Rubber Color:White,Red,Dark Green,Light Green,Army Green These cool snakes come in assorted colors and would work great for a scavenger hunt, pretend jungle or safari play. Little boys will go crazy over..
117 SEK
Soft Rubber Lifelike Snake Toys Halloween Prop Joke ToysDescription:  A lifelike snake toy pretend trick toy Made of soft rubber, wiggles; looks and feels real Easily used as a practical joke on your friends Use this trick snake to freak your family members Give them harmless shock and make them sc..
91 SEK
Spanking Insect Toy Somatosensory Suspension Induction Acousto-optic ToyDescription: Recommended Age:≥6 Battery: AAA  1.5 X 3 Main Material: ABS + PP Environmental Nontoxic PlasticFeature: 1. When the worm is batted by hand in the upper of its back with body sensor, it would flee immediately . 2. Th..
292 SEK
Trick Pirate Barrels Lucky Punched Game Thorn Pirates For ChildrenFeature: Classic game to see who first crisis sniper spiked a pirate? "Stab sniper" play pirates crisis is very simple, will look just feel very "ku" pirates dolls into barrel above, then people who played video sequence turns will ha..
225 SEK
Water Squirt Rose Short Stemmed Clown Joke Item Description: This red  flower looks real but you  WATCH OUT! When you Close to it you are going to get WET! Pin this silk flower rose on you shirt or lapel. Great Clown or Prankster Prop. Material: Plastic Rose wide: about 8cm Small water bottle: about..
99 SEK
Whoopee Cushion Fart Pad Jokes Gags Pranks Maker Trick Funny Toy  Feature: Hide cushion under a chair or sofa cushion so it cannot be seen Don't get hurry when there is no noise as he/she may sit at the wrong place Whoopee cushion will make big fart when the people twist their butt To prank the pers..
105 SEK
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